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Tulelake Continuation High School

Tulelake Continuation High School

Here at the Tulelake Continuation High School, we serve students in grades nine through twelve. The Tulelake Continuation High School is built on the belief that all students can learn if given the appropriate environment, educational expertise, and opportunity.  Each student regardless of abilities, socio-economic, or cultural background should develop a sense of self worth, accountability, responsibility, a desire for lifelong learning skills and a genuine concern for the welfare and diversity of others. 

The educational programs are organized to address the individual needs of the student so that educational success can be best maximized.  Students are viewed as multi-faceted individuals with critical needs that impact their academic success.  Education as well as work experience is seen as a continuous and active process of self-realization, creative planning, accessing information, and being taught to make intelligent and well thought out decisions.

We believe we have the responsibility to help our students reach their fullest potential and must keep in mind that students learn using a variety of modalities and at different rates.  Because of this, we must be supportive, provide encouragement, and discipline the student to be a success in school and in society.

Our staff is dedicated to providing a learning environment that is positive, challenging, and supportive, with high expectations and standards, one that will allow each child to reach their maximum potential. We work closely with Tulelake High School to ensure a positive transition between the schools.

Communication between home and school as well as between schools is essential. Please feel free to visit, phone, or write.